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About BRewarded

We take great pride in bringing real value to you while at the same time, assisting businesses to reach new levels by rewarding their valued members. 

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How to Earn Points

We've found a simple way to have the businesses you are happy to support pay for your next holiday, new room, plasma screen...just about anything - and they're happy about it! All you have to do is be a little 'cleverer' about where you shop and you'll will be rewarded every time you do so - its that easy!.

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How to Join

Becoming a member is easy! Simply click 'Register', follow the prompts to fill in the information required and you will receive an email with your membership number as well as the link to download the new BRewarded app - and best of all its absolutely FREE!

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Redeeming Points

You can redeem your points on any product or service and at any participating business in the program.

Go on, reward yourself!

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